Foam is an eco-friendly laundromat where you least favorite task can be enjoyed with a beer.

We started this business after constantly feeling appalled and discouraged at the standard laundromat model. We want a clean pace where people can come relax, and get their chores done all while helping promote environmental sustainability. The Atlanta market is a renters market making it a perfect place to launch.

It costs us $5,400/month to run our business. We make roughly $15-20 per customer. We are expecting to have in aggregate 3,640 in 6 month and 7,280 at the end of a 12 month period.

We are looking to get a $250k loan from Invest Atlanta. In order to qualify we need to raise $10k in equity. The financing will help us purchase a building space, lease washing & drying machines, utilities, employees, beer/kegs.

Please reach out if you want any more information. We are projecting a 35% IRR over a 5 year operating period.


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We will be the first eco-friendly laundromat that offers craft beer in a clean friendly space in Atlanta. Our customers are Laundry services; young professionals, working singles, and business travelers.


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