BluePrint Education Group, LLC is an ed-tech startup that connects students, parents, and educators on a social media platform to increase engagement and innovate learning within the classroom and beyond.

I started the business so that all students are afforded the opportunity to a rigorous and engaging education while acting as a solution to student/parent engagement, academic achievement, and accountability.

Our platform is a complex database system that operates on three different API's offering a social user experience that brings new millennial learning to the present. Offering tech features, such as chat, on-demand video conferencing, gaming and more.

We have raised around $15k and secured one school partnership. We are looking to get an introduction to a school principal or someone that can help us further test our product.


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Disconnected students, teachers, and parents in APS school.


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  • David Townsend 5 days ago

    Are you looking to focus on Atlanta or would you be open to introductions in other states (Detroit, MI)?

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