The Come Up Project was born out of our initial program Gangstas to Growers. We realized that agriculture wasn’t the only avenue to positively affect change in our communities. Gangstas to Growers was inspired by Mike, former neighbor and friend of our founder, Abiodun Henderson; in an effort to remedy Mike’s repeated incarceration and provide a feasible avenue for success. Mike needed solid opportunities to participate in the legitimate economy. Abbey merged her knowledge and passion around agriculture and community engagement, with Mike’s desire to pipe out of the prison industrial system.


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Recently incarcerated young adults and communities in food deserts.


$2,000.00 Given
of $2,500.00 Needed


Ship-to Address

If applicable, please deliver items to:

Attn: Abbey Henderson
The Come Up Project
1555 S. Gordon St. SW Atlanta, GA 30310
Atlanta, GA 30310

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